Monday, 21 March 2011

style focus: storm in a teacup

I discovered this weeks' style focus after the company began following me on Twitter; ah, the wonders of social networking! Storm in a Teacup is a jewellery company run by just one lovely lady, Jennifer, who stocks gorgeous hand-made pieces at really affordable prices. The designs are incredibly unique, and there is even a Vintage range of pieces for those of you who like your jewellery to be one-of-a-kind!

The website has a huge amount of stock so I definitely suggest you go and check it out for yourself, but I have selected a few of my absolute favourite pieces to share with you!

Apollo Vintage Necklace, £14

P-A-R-I-S Necklace, £14

Ship to Shore Vintage Earrings, £12

Emma Multi-Way Tie (Navy), £17.50

I am definitely planning on making a couple of purchases when I start my new job next week! I particularly love the versatility of the Emma Multi-Way Tie (available in various colours), which looks just as good wrapped around wrists as a bracelet or left long and loose as a necklace, as it does tied in your hair as a boho-chic headband. Great value for money!


  1. Ooh this jewelry is nice! Particularly like the Emma multi way tie! x

  2. Love the blue emma tie :) Thanks for making a page on Wikifashion, just letting you know that we have blog badges here if you'd like one-

  3. Thanks for the comments girls :)
    Glad you all love the jewellery as much as I do!