Tuesday, 8 March 2011

pancakes and eBay

Happy pancake day everyone!

I'm off to The Diner in Camden later to scoff some delicious American style ones, washed down with a huge milkshake! For those of you who havn't visited the joint before, or any of the four other branches dotted around London, I can't recommend the it enough! Okay, it might be slightly pricey but the 1950's style diner decor is spot on; and the chilli cheese fries are heavenly.

Since I am nearly on the last dregs of my wages from Topshop, I have taken to eBaying my unwanted clothes in the hope of making a little extra cash! You can find the items I have up for sale at the moment here;  http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/yllek96. There is only a day or so left on most of them so get bidding if you're interested! I will be putting up a few more bits and pieces later this week though.

What does everyone think of eBay in general? Is it the best place to sell/find second hand clothes? I've got me eye on a lovely polka dot skirt that someone is selling on there at the moment. I am begining to worry that any money I make will be going straight back out of my Paypal account!

I should be starting a part-time job at the end of the month, as a way of making a bit of money whilst continuing to build up my portfolio with my freelance writing. Whilst in New Look yesterday, a shop that I often avoid due to the poor quality of lots of their items, I spotted some beautiful blouses and shirts that I can't wait to pick up with my first pay check! There are lots of gorgeous shirts on the high street at the moment, and I purchased a fair few during my last weeks at Topshop, but New Look seems to be slightly ahead of competition with their reasonable prices.

Lemonade (Yellow) Frill Peter Pan Blouse | 218096286 | New Look
Frill Peter Pan Blouse, £21.99.

Blonde (Cream) Tie Peter Pan Blouse | 215478014 | New Look
Tie Peter Pan Blouse, £15.99.
Chalk (Cream) Chiffon Waist Tie Blouse | 220587612 | New Look
Chiffon Waist Tie Blouse, £19.99.

I have particularly fallen in love with the chiffon waist tie blouse, that I think would be perfect for the summer teamed with some high waisted denim shorts and some floral print wedges. The sunny weather today has definitely got me planning ahead for all the beautiful outfits that warm weather allows for!


  1. You have such a good eye for a key piece. I love the Peter Pan blouses, but I agree completely that the chiffon tie blouse will look good with high waisted shorts.
    Just wanted to let you know the monopoly rings are now available.


  2. Thank you :) I have just ordered my iron ring, can't wait for it's arrival! x