Saturday, 8 January 2011

so this is the new year

Happy 2011 everybody!

Okay, it is eight days into January already but it's better late than never! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

I've had a few days off work so I've been writing and e-mailing all the magazines I can think of in an attempt to secure an internship somewhere! I am desperate to get some work experience in an editorial department, so if anyone has any ideas of how to do so then please let me know! I've got my fingers crossed that there will be at least once nice editor out there who is willing to do me a favour!

Anyway, on a more fashion related note, I have just returned home after a lovely shopping trip with my mum and sister where I purchased a few bits in the sale. I am definitely not one to turn down a bargain! I bought a lovely leopard print skirt from River Island which was reduced to £10. I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of River Island in general as I dislike the way the plaster their name all over the garments and add unnecessary sequins and jewels to everything; but the pleated detail of this skirt, and the way it sits just on the knee, gives it a slightly vintage look which I love! I also picked up a beautiful faux fur collar and velvet lined snood in Claire's Accessories, thanks to the advice of my ten year old sister! The collar was a bargain at £8, and is identical to one I had my eye on in Topshop before Christmas!

I also treated myself to a couple of cosmetics; the new Max Factor lip tint pen which looks and works exactly like a felt tip, and a gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in a bright coral colour.

Over the past few months I have become obsessed with rings; the bigger, the better! I was delighted to snap up two beauties in the Accessorize sale for 70% off! One is a gold cat's head covered in diamantes and with sparkly green gems for eyes, and the other is a jade green stone set in a chunky burnished gold ring with feather detail.

(You can see a couple of my other recent additions in this photograph! The gold owl in specs was a Christmas present from my boyfriend, and the bird with green eyes was from Freedom @ Topshop).

In other news, I have finally joined the world of Twitter! There should be a link to my account on the right side of the page. My username is mica_57. I currently have no idea how to use it, but in my bid to break into journalism I decided that I should really stay up to date with modern forms of communication! Having said that, I am currently on a facebook detox for the month. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with technology; I dislike the self promotional aspect of social networking, whilst somewhat enjoying the self reflexive side of it. Hypocritical, I know. I havn't suffered from any terrible withdrawal symptoms yet, but I shall let you know more as the month continues!


  1. it's lovely to read someone who agrees with me about river island. some of their pieces are beautiful, but i'm never going to be an excessive sequin girl.

    i'm very proud to be your first follower, you have a lovely writing style, and i'm sure as a sales advisor in london, i'm going to get some glimpses of what you love from the store!


  2. thankyou so much for your comment, and for being my first follower, vicki! it's great to have some support whilst the blog is still in such early stages.

    i'll be sure to return the favour on your blog.