Friday, 3 December 2010

black velvet

I have discovered that the perfect way to spend time recovering from a cold is to take to bed with hot water and lemon, and waste countless hours browsing fashion websites and glossy magazines for 'grunge glam' inspiration. I will upload my own take on the trend later; when my nose is less red and streaming, and my hair less frizzy (although the latter is a constant problem in my life, and therefore not directly related to sickness).

The resurrection of the 1990's grunge trend is, of course, nothing new for this season. We have seen high street hysteria over leather, velvet and lace in previous year's autumn/winter collections. However, this year's grunge is different; it is chic, it is effortless, it is chiffon and fine knits, it is less teen angst and more grown up playfulness.

Topshop, as always, were spot on with their take on the trend; 'Dark Nouveau' has plenty of leather and lace, alongside softer layers, chiffon and sparkles.

Their 'Heavy Duty' make-up collection, launched recently, also nods a head to the trend. Being a sucker for a new beauty product, I was quick to snap up the kohl dust and lip marker in an attempt to pull off the morning-after look that only the offspring of rockstars can truly achieve.

(Note: Okay, so this isn't exactly a 'morning after' look, especially not for the Geldof sisters, but I love Pixie's dark eyes and berry stained lips here.)

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